How to Get Rid of Pimples

Pimples are a problem especially for women, which in nature are vanity half of humanity. To see what are the reasons for the appearance of pimples continue reading this article.

What are pimples?

A pimple is a comprehensive term for pimples. Generally, this is a condition where the pores are plugged and it came to her disability, which may be accompanied by inflammation. Then get red pustules that create problems for many, many youth have long gone age.

Where do pimples appear?

Pimples appear practically anywhere there is skin. The places where pimples most commonly appear, are the face, neck, chest and upper back.

Is it inherited?

It is assumed that this disease is often inherited. If mother and father in his youth had pimples, it is almost certain that such problems will have their children.

Do not squeeze pimples!

If pimples are squeezing, already inflamed fatty acids can penetrate into the surrounding skin and infect her. Thus the state of the pimples worse.

How can I get rid of pimples?

It's always better to avoid pimple forming in the first place.

Medications such as iodine, cortisone, bromine, antiepileptic drugs, barbiturates, lithium, vitamins B6, B12 and D, can also cause pimples.

Typically for this case is that the pimples appears in unusual places on the body - such as arms and legs. Pimples can be rid by the use of nourishing creams for oily skin.

If you already have pimples, see our page on acne treatment.


Some hormonal contraception medications cause pimples.

It is the experience of many dermatologists shown that pustules and comedones appear more frequently in women who consistently used contraception medication. This is especially for medical preparations like Ovral, Loestrin, Norlestrin, Norynil or their derivatives. Before using them you should discuss problems with your personal gynecologist. He will probably offer you another drug or another method if that will cause you pimples.

Iodine foods.

Iodine in the body is carried in the blood. Any excess is excreted through the sebaceous glands, but also irritates them and helps cause pimples to appear of pimples.

People with such problems should know that this chemical element is presented in large quantities in the milk, sour cream, fresh cheese and yogurt. Especially large quantities are contained in bovine liver, in turkey meat and even in the salt. Most damaging in this aspect are the specialties of seaweed, and in almost all species of marine fish, mussels.

The real cause of pimples

It is difficult to establish the real cause of pimples.

Provoking factors can be genetic and physiological characteristics, hormonal imbalance, and stress or cosmetics which are wrongly selected or incorrectly used.

Keeping your skin clean and smooth?

What should you do to keep your skin clean and smooth? Many of you who combine career with housework often forget to make breaks in your packed schedule. Those people are constantly exposed to stress. This condition leads to the "awakening" of male hormones in the female organism. Pimples are a signal for help, who is send to the skin and body as a whole.

Along with essential oils for pimples, try to eat properly and keep your skin clean. This will help you to get rid of pimples and to prevent its occurrence. If you still can not get rid of pimples after using the essential oil, would be good idea to consult a skin specialist.