How to Get Rid Of Blackheads

People who find a blackhead on their face are desperate for methods to cure blackheads and usually resort to either squeezing them which can lead to scarring or resort to potentially harmful chemicals.

Many people have tried to combat blackheads, but results are unsatisfactory and the reason is that the treatment of blackheads is complex and does not happen in a day or two, it takes a long time.

Most women, especially young women have problems with blackheads. When treating blackheads don't squeeze them. Blackheads are created from the fat contained in sweat and sebacious fluid and bacteria and when squeezed can easily push this back into the blood stream and potentially cause serious illness and severe complications or in extremely rare occasions even death!

When choosing either a drug or natural treatments for blackheads note that it will take up to 3 months for visible signs of blackheads to disappear. If a product promises to treat blackheads in a short period of time, our advice is to not to believe it! Note that different ointments that treat blackheads also have side effects such as: increasing the sensitivity of the skin, certain medicines are pastes that dry and peel the skin off the face, for others it is advisable to keep the face away from direct sunlight.

Many over the counter pharmacy products for blackheads have an alkaline base, we did not recommend their use because they can cause excessivly dry facial skin and reflex responses of the body increase the oiliness of the face.

Oral medications are widespread in the prescription market. The healing power of these preparations is due to suppression of hormonal activity, which can have undesired side effects, you will need a prescription for these drugs.

Stop blackheads occurrening

To limit the occurrence of blackheads, more during menstruation or pregnancy is necessary to restrict certain foods. There are various diets that will be able to restrict the occurrence of blackheads. Other nutritionists recommend diets, even for the treatment of blackheads. Whether they are effective or not, we can not tell you, but limiting carbohydrates will help to get rid of the blackheads.

Treatment and management of blackheads as already mentioned, is a complex issue and curing it will require a long period of time. When complications or invasive occurrence of blackheads or simple remedy we suggest you visit a specialist beautician or dermatologist. Treatment of blackheads with real professionals go the easiest and uncomplicated skin. Without blackheads the skin becomes beautiful and attractive.

The first step you must take is to get rid of the blackheads is to cleanse the body. This will help the skin to cope with this problem and treatment will be more efficient.

Useful Herbs

When blackheads "blossom", the skin is covered with small purulent blackheads, located on the person at all, it's not beautiful. Most help in the fight against blackheads. Herbs tend to relax and to reduce this unpleasant disorder. The most useful herbs for treating blackheads include:
Rich in active ingredients, helps the body to cleanse, brighten the skin and has a strong antiseptic.
Has a strong cleansing properties of the organism.
Has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves red and infected areas of the skin.
Softening and soothing effect.
Wild chicory
Purifying and anti infection and inflammation in it.