Nature’s acne treatment responses to acne cases are natural antibiotic therapy, treatments with vitamins, which is focused on vitamin A, and peeling of the skin with fruit acids, milk or herbal products.

Peels are procedures under which controlled removes the surface layer of skin. The mode of treatment depends on the depth of peeling skin layer. Mechanical peeling (brush, sand) are quite superficial and action may be related to cleaning procedures. In acid peels in a variety of organic acids are more powerful impact and having them remove a deeper layer of skin and thus deeper defects.

During procedures with an acid peel is mild discomfort in terms of a slight stinging itching. After conducting the most acid peels there are redness and peeling of the skin within 7 days, no pain and not needed any medication. Can be rinsed with water, but should not rub. Protection from sunlight is required 2-4 weeks after the procedure. Although rare possible complications include: uneven pigmentation, hyperpigmentation, bacterial infection, reactivation of herpes simplex.

Improvement in skin condition after an acid peel is due to the removal of supernatant and disclosure of new, young and tender skin. At the same time stimulate collagen building and even its accumulation - that leads to smooth wrinkles and improving the skin elasticity, which prevents acne.

Peeling Milk

This is obtained from bitter almonds. It only affects the outer lavers of the skin and does not cause redness or overly scaly skin. It is ideal for oily skin with hyperpigmentation. In their natural state bitter almonds are toxic if eaten, it's always best to check labels.

Salicylic peel

This is made from beta hydroxy acid from the bark of the weeping willow.
  • Regulates sebum and has bacteriostatic and antiseptic properties.
  • Controls the spread of acne
  • Soothes and improves the structure of oily skin.
  • Reduces local overproduction of mucus
  • Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and can slow appearance of the aging process.

Herbal Peeling

This is especially good on oily skin, enlarged pores, subacute and chronic forms of acne, to regenerate and refresh the skin tone. It is recommended for younger ages, the pattern of visits is individual due to skin type and specific problems.

  • Very quickly reduces oil secretion, tighten pores are visible with the first procedure.

  • the treated site should not be wet and make up for 3 days.

Fruit Peeling

In this method are using different types of fruit acids. Glucose acid is the smallest molecular weight and easily crosses the basal membrane of the epidermis and reaches the fibroblasts. Fibroblasts responsible for collagen production. Apply to smooth wrinkles, skin regenerate, hydration and improves skin elasticity.

very fine and applied in very sensitive and dry skin types. Disadvantages:
  • 2 weeks training with the base cream containing AHA low concentration.
  • With age the skin becomes dry and aged with time (increase the upset layer of the skin). It is therefore better in the autumn-winter period annually after a certain age to apply a series of fruit peels. Expected result is to prevent the emergence of new wrinkles for a specified period, reducing the relief of deep wrinkles, and skin to become fresh and youth.